Bangalore With An Initiative For A Traffic Violation

Bangalore With An Initiative For A Traffic Violation

We all know that the Traffic is a major problem across India, it often leads to harassment and corruption. Thus, major reforming is being initiated by the management of Traffic Police of India and it has finally come to an extended solution in regulating the pay of traffic fines online. This came as an immediate solution when the government demonetized the Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes. During that period the traffic police department was battling with the violators trying to get away from the fine. The traffic police department faced distress due to the violators excusing themselves by telling them to accept the demonetized currency or else they don’t have money due to cash shutdown in the country.

In a big city like Bangalore, it is really difficult to take control of the traffic and on top of that the traffic violators without paying traffic fines. Well, from now onwards you can’t trick and escape from the Bangalore traffic police fine. Because the developed city has made its traffic violation fines to be paid online. Yes, you read it right, you can’t trick them anymore by simply saying that you don’t have physical money with you to pay a spot fine, which will no longer work. Though, at least in Bangalore, the traffic police will happily charge you for violating the rules. As the Bangalore City Traffic Police are equipped with Point of Sale (POS) machines while granting a chance for the violators to pay through their Cards. Bangalore has got its name for the first large city to carry out such an initiative, by collecting their traffic fines online. Though, it will be initiated across the country very sooner and thus, lead the country to monitor the traffic fine lists.

POS machines are used by retailers and now by the department itself to move towards the cashless society as the scope of post demonetization. Thus, the Centre is encouraging the use of POS as well, to make the vision of digital India possible. Well, this helps the public to understand the traffic rules and regulations way better and clear in this sense by making it online.

How does this help the public?

  • They get to have an instant measure of their payment by having their traffic fine checked through online. When the traffic police charge, it is necessary to make sure of what they have been charged and know their fine through the Govt. Website.
  • You can have access to the traffic fines list, in order to get the information on how much is being charged as for a peculiar violation.
  • Well, it will in some way hold you from violating the traffic rules by have your fines registered and let you have an account of it. You get the opportunity to check your traffic fines onlineand take safety measures to not violate themanother
  • Thus, it doesn’t necessarily have the name registered during the fine payment, but it might be the vehicle number being registered. With that, you can get to know your charge through vehicle fine check regarding the violation online.

In a period of five months, the traffic policemen (from the rank of sub-inspector) will be authorized to carry POS devices along with an Android device and printer, as an increase in showing that they accept the plastic currency. One more good news is that now the fines and challan for a traffic violation can be paid online through the Bangalore traffic fine online payment system. Here is how the online payment is made,

How to access Bangalore traffic fines online payment?

  • Firstly, you visit the Bangalore traffic police website at
  • On the left side of the site, there is a section titled ‘Pay Your Fines’. There are of three options given in which the individual can search the traffic police fine. The traffic violation file can be searched by,
  1. Violationnoticeprovided by the traffic police
  2. Parking violation tags
  • The Vehicle violation specific numbers
  1. Spot Fines
  • In the violation Notice’ option, you will be asked to fill various requirements, which include:
  1. The Notice Number of the traffic violations that have been charged to you.
  2. You must provide the vehicle registration number along with your personal email ID, for further queries.
  • After completing therequested requirements, the page will display the amount of fine that has to be paid. Then, you will have to select the card type in which you are willing to pay (Visa or Master Card).
  • While, if you have chosen the second option available that is of ‘Parking Violation Tags’ for violations of parking rules, upon clicking this option, you will be asked for your parking violation tag number. Along with the card type, you will proceed to make the payment (Visa or Master Card).
  • The third option that you are provided with is‘The Vehicle violation specific numbers.’In there, you will be requested to enter your vehicle registration number along with your email ID and the type of card that is being provided for payment. (Visa or Master Card).
  • The last option thatis being provided is titled as ‘Spot Fines’ which leads you to a page which offers the same three options above but it is where allows you to pay by other payment methods such like net banking, Paytm, debit and credit cards.

Thus, this will make it easy for both the violators and the traffic policemen to have a clean talk while payment. Just like Bangalore traffic fine online payment system, sooner it will be executed for other cities across the country. It is necessary for the people to be aware of the charges that is being imposed for violating the rules. They can check the traffic fines list through online. This initiative by the government takes on new face for the traffic rules and violation measures itself in India.

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