Guidelines for Road Safety

Guidelines for Road Safety

Traffic signs and signals should never be ignored.  Even if you are late for a movie or just want to get home early, traffic rules are not meant to be broken.  Rules have been framed so as to help the riders to ride towards safety. The speed gained might serve as an advantage for a very limited period of time. But however, in the long run, these habits of negligence would cost a life. Road safety in India is the most ignored.

Also, there is a common misconception that road signals are to be followed only by the drivers. Wrong! Road rules and travel signals have to be followed by everyone! Road safety in Hindi language and the instructions in it should be made available soon. Pedestrians included. Traffic signs serve as a blueprint to explain most of the traffic rules out there. One must be careful so as to observe the boards on the road.

Road safety signs come in three varieties to ensure road safety in India:

Mandatory road safety signs

A road must ensure free movement of the vehicle. For this purpose, mandatory signs are put up on the board. This ensures the free flow of vehicles on the road infrastructure. It makes the drivers follow a few rules for their own safety as well as the safety of others. It imposes few laws and restrictions on the drivers. It also imposes regulations and prohibitions. As per the law, one must not violate these sings. Hence they are called mandatory signs. The abuse or non follow of these signs will invite a penalty from traffic regulations. For road safety, photos of the signs could be seen for greater details.

Cautionary road safety symbols

Along with the mandatory signs that have to be followed by the drivers in all circumstances, there are cautionary signs too. These signs serve as a warning to the drivers regarding the further road where dangerous conditions persist. Hence when the driver observes such a sign he must exert extra carefulness so as to avoid unpleasant roads. Extra actions have to be taken to drive carefully under these circumstances. Accordingly, when a work is in progress regarding the road infrastructure, a cautionary sign is put up. Check these signs on road safety photos.

Informatory road safety symbols:

Road drivers have the intention to reach the goal fast. For this purpose, there is a need to guide the drivers towards their destination. The way might welcome the drivers with various hurdles such as alternative routes, special crosses, etc. Such circumstances can be a confusing experience for the driver. To enable drivers to lead the way carefully the traffic authorities put up boards with informatory signs upon it. This will include informing the drivers regarding the destination, the distance, other routes that are available, etc. These signs also serve the purpose of informing them about the various notable places that might help in their destination. This includes food joints, petrol pumps public toilets, police stations, schools, and hospitals. Awareness of road safety in Hindi should be carried out. Check out these road safety images for better understanding.

Road safety posters on these signs have to be distributed. These road safety posters must be kept in every house. Occasionally road safety drawing competitions should be carried out among kids. Our government conducts road safety week in January of every year to boost information on this.

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