Know Your Traffic Signs, Travel Happy

Know Your Traffic Signs, Travel Happy :-

be mindful of. These signs are to maintain proper traffic movement and if violated can cause accidents. On the other hand, cautionary signs are to point of dangers and diversions on the road ahead. Such signs allow the driver to make a choice in time. These traffic sign images provide the driver with valuable information regarding distance, a location of the hospital, food joints, alternative routes, etc.

Not just for drives 

Something that we all miss out on is the fact that the traffic signs and symbols are not merely for drivers. Due to pedestrians being aloof about traffics rules, they often walk around carelessly. This can cause a lot of problems and have serious consequences. Traffic signal symbols are equally important for pedestrians and public transport users. Traffic rules should not be considered unimportant. Road safety rules must be taught to everyone – drivers as well as non-drivers. Road safety should be practiced by each and every citizen. One must follow all the rules and regulations without fail. By being careless on the road, one can get into serious accidents that may result in serious injuries.

Small acts of smartness

As informed citizens, we must take sensible decisions and not violate any rules of laws. We can take simple initiatives to keep our roads safe and the traffic moving. Driving according to the speed limit is essential to avoid accidents. One must never cross the road without checking the traffic light sign. Helping people on the road is a politeness that everyone must practice. Educating and assisting those who do not know the traffic signs and meanings will benefit everyone.

Apart from these, one of the most important things that we should bring into practice is to remain calm and composed while traveling. It is a common sight in India to see vehicles honking and people shouting at each other. Doing this does not help anybody. We should wait for the issue to resolve. For instance, if a car has stopped right in the middle of the road we can wait for a few seconds before honking. And if the issue does not resolve soon, instead of taking the problem into our own hands, we should contact a traffic policeman using the helpline number. If the people do not lose their cool, it becomes that much easier to solve the problem.

Small change makes way for big changes

Along with the support of citizens, even government bodies should implement stricter traffic laws. With the recent installation of CCTV cameras, people have become more careful of traffic signals. By taking similar action, we can make roads free of accidents and disasters.

Other things that must be included in the law are methods to help senior citizens and young children who may face difficulty in understanding traffic rules. Campaigns should be organized to create awareness about how ignorance can have a deep and irreversible impact on people. One person’s lack of awareness and irresponsibility can cost someone else their life. Hundreds of people each day become victims of accidents on the road. Civilian representatives should be elected who can participate and make the roads, signs, and signals better for the public. Road traffic education should be started at a young age and children must be taught traffic rules with traffic signs images and even through practical learning. Booklets that have traffic signal images with names should be handed out to the public so that they remain updated.

Drive correct, drive safe, drive happy!

By doing our bit, we can all collectively work towards safer and better roads. Why make driving stressful? Why not make traveling enjoyable? A little bit of effort can make wonders happen. Why pay for medical bills when you can pay attention! So, say no to rash driving and say yes to all traffic signs and symbols.Understand the traffic signs with meanings and traffic signs and symbols.

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