Ravi Gaikwad and His Revolutionary Changes on Mumbai Roads

Ravi Gaikwad and His Revolutionary Changes on Mumbai Roads:-

There are very few honest people who work towards the betterment of the society, and one such person is Ravi Gaikwad. The man is presently working as a government official Chief of RTO Mumbai, Borivali. Ravi Gaikwad dreams to see an accident-free India. He takes the lead in organizing several marathons and rallies to generate awareness about road accidents and the rules that every citizen of India should follow while driving on the roads.

Here are some achievements of Ravi Gaikwad Mumbai RTO:

Ravi Gaikwad RTO of Borivali along with the Mumbai Police busted a gang of four who conspired with the drivers of several vehicles to get fake NOC’s(No Objection Certificates). The auto drivers have been forging character certificates which are issued by the Special Branch of Mumbai Police. A character certificate is an important document which is not just a proof of residence of the autorickshaw driver but also a proof that the individual doesn’t have a criminal background. The officers scrutinizing the documents had found them to be fake. They further sent it to the special branch for verification, and it was then confirmed that the documents were inappropriate. About 8 FIR’s have been registered so far against the auto drivers. Ravi Gaikwad Mumbai RTO has already begun digging out such autorickshaw drivers.

The validity of an auto is 15 years as per the law of public transport vehicles. Despite those several autos that have been scrapped have been put back on the roads in Western Mumbai. Ravindra Gaikwad RTO, and his team are determinant to weed them out from the roads. Their campaign was so effective that the officer and his team seized 18 autos in mere 6 days and destroyed them. Along with this they also registered FIR’s against the owners of those autos.

Ravi Gaikwad RTO also played an important role when it came to women safety. It was an incident where an auto rickshaw driver behaved obscenely in front of a female passenger that he began scrutinizing the documents of these drivers.

Not long back Ravi Gaikwad Mumbai RTO also brought about a revolutionary change in the renewal process of renewing the driving license. What took three months earlier was now reduced to just 10 days. Ravindra Gaikwad RTO of Borivali replaced the clerks and placed inspectors/assistant inspectors so the documents could be verified and directly sent to the senior officials for printing. The streamlining process done by Ravi Gaikwad Mumbai was a welcome change.

The Effects of Change

Old transports are not only responsible for traffic jams, but they also cause pollution and accidents. Ravindra Gaikwad RTO of Borivali has taken a revolutionary step in reforming the way vehicles operate in Mumbai. Although reforming the traffic rules may sound to be a tough job, Ravi Gaikwad has already taken a step ahead, and he is resolute to bring about a change in the roads of Mumbai.

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