Road Accidents -What precautions should you take?

Road Accidents -What precautions should you take?

India accounts for one of the highest incidents for road accidents. Of course, it is devastating when road accidents happen as they shatter the driver’s confidence. In extreme cases, the passengers might die. It is essential to follow safety guidelines or precautions so as to minimize them. Remember that even the most careful driver who follows all the precautions might face accidents. When it comes to road accidents, the incidents can only be minimized but not stopped.  Newspapers are filled with these incidents, especially about road accident article Delhi.

The precautions one must take:


  1. Check your tire and condition of the car regularly
  2. Get the belts and hose checked. It has to be replaced after every 4 years
  3. The battery of the car has to be constantly checked. It needs to be replaced once in every 4 years

For drivers:

  1. Always drive with a seat belt. Remember that you have to be safe first to protect rest of the passengers
  2. Ensuring the kit tool in the car has to be your responsibility. Always check it. You might need screwdrivers, jack, pliers, compass, etc
  3. Have an emergency number saved in the dashboard of the car
  4. Always drive the car during daytime
  5. Take a 30-minute break frequently to avoid distractions and focus better
  6. Do not drink and drive. It is frequently mentioned in the car accident news report today.
  7. Have something to keep you awake. Light music could be a good option
  8. Always ensure you are driving within the mentioned speed limit. In India, it is usually 60km/hour. This could prevent you from the car accident in India.

For Passengers:

  1. Passengers have to ensure that they wear proper seat belts
  2. Engage the driver frequently in conversation
  3. Do not cause distractions unnecessarily
  4. Use Google maps to know the location and avoid last minute turns which is the major cause for the car accident in India

For Parents:

  1. Have the kids in the proper vicinity while you are traveling.
  2. Though they are lovable to travel with, understand that they can be cranky too.
  3. Make sure that you supervise them and do not put their head or hand outside the windows
  4. Make sure that they do not imitate animals. There is a chance that they might cause fear in animals which may attack back due to this behavior

Awareness Purposes:

  1. Read the rules and regulations of the traffic. It is usually available on the road ministry website of your country
  2. Know the dangers that might arise due to using a different mode of transportation. This may include rail crashes, airplane crashes, and road accidents
  3. Know the whereabouts of your routes and the traffic condition. Google maps can be used as a good tool for this.

If you check the car accident news report today you would find that it is always filled with news of the tragedy. It includes especially various road accident article Delhi and other metro stations. It is displeasing to read about these incidents which could have been prevented by simple precautions.

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