Want To Teach Your Kids About Road Safety? Here Is How To Do It Effectively!

Want To Teach Your Kids About Road Safety? Here Is How To Do It Effectively!

Kids are the most vulnerable group that might suffer from accidents. They might crossroads unknowingly or might just stand across the road when the vehicle approaches. When this happens suddenly the driver has no option and the car might crash. This would lead to serious injuries and fetal deaths. It is essential to teach the kids about various guidelines to ensure them to be safe from accidents. There are various road safety rules in India. However, teaching kids to do this isn’t an easy task. They might not pay heed to our advice. But when done effectively, this problem could be solved. This guide shows you road safety rules that have to be followed by children.

  1. Teach them about the signals:

Road signals are not only helpful for drivers to ride safely but also it is useful for kids while crossing roads. But most of the kids are not aware of the importance of the traffic signals. It is essential to teach them the basics. Red is at the top of the signal which asks the vehicles to stop. Your kid must know that it is only when the red signal is displayed, he is allowed to cross the road. He must also know that yellow stands for getting set while green stands for go. Your kid must never be asked to cross roads except during red lights and when walk symbol is displayed. Teach them the importance of road safety rules. You could also explain them road safety rules in Hindi.

  1. Never run on roads:

Kids are easily irritated and have no patience. This might result in the behavior where they might want to quickly cross a road. They might resort to running across the road. However, this must not happen. Children should never be allowed to run on the road. But they should stay calm while they cross the road holding hands of the guardians. Road safety and traffic rules are essential to be followed.

  1. Use Footpaths:

There is a reason why footpaths are built These sidewalks should be used always while walking from one place to another. Footmarks are the space that is at each end of the road which allows pedestrians to walk. Even while walking on the footpath your kids must be told that they should keep as far from the road as possible. These road safety rules in India could be followed.

  1. Do not put head or hair outside windows:

Children might be at risk even while they are being the passengers of the vehicle. They have a tendency to see outside the windows by sticking their heads out. They might also put their hands out of the windows to wave to the passerby. But this is a bad habit and should be stopped as soon as possible. This article gives you 5 road safety rules.

You could use this information to tell your kids about road safety information in Hindi. You could also put up a poster on road safety rules in your home.

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