Traffic Fines Make The Roads Safer

Traffic Fines Make The Roads Safer :-

Ignorance is not always blissful

How many times have we driven past a red signal because we were in a hurry? How many times have we asked our driver to overtake a slow-moving vehicle? We often do not follow road signs because we don’t think it matters. This mentality that reaching your destination faster is more important than reaching there safely is extremely dangerous.We don’t understand that such careless driving can kill us.In urban cities and in small towns, often people drive without paying attention to the street signs. Because of such unsafe behavior, the number of road accidents in India is on the rise.

Safety comes first, second and third!

We are all guilty of occasionally not wearing a seat-belt, ignoring safety signs, speeding past the limit, honking, etc. A lot of people even drive under the influence of alcoholthough they know that it is completely against the law. Such disregard of rules not only affects the offender but can even injure an innocent person. Road signs are installed for our own safety.

To make the roads safer, road signs with namesare posted in regional languages along with English.Every country in the world has a system of penalties along with other rules for people who break traffic rules. Those who do not follow road signs in Indiaareasked forpayfines. These fines differ on the basis and the seriousness of the offense. For example, not wearing a seat-belt can cost you around ₨ 100 whereas those caught drunk driving have to pay up to ₨ 10,000.

Caught on camera

Until a few years ago, we relied only on traffic policemen to catch and fine traffic offenders. But in recent years, we have started seeing surveillance cameras being installed at multiple crossroads that will catch offenders in the act.Offenders can no longer ignore safety signs and get away with it!If you are captured breaking any rule on the road signs chart, you will have to pay a fine and will carry a police record for your act. These cameras have indeed had an impact on the people, they now think twice before breaking a rule. However, it has not eradicated the problem completely. This is mainly because we still don’t believe that driving according to the street signs will benefit us.

Solving the problem

To make the situation gets better, the penalties should be increased and made compulsory. Another reason why people do not follow road signs in India is,because these signs have not been installed consistently. In spite of all the effort taken by the local governing bodies, a lot of streets do not have proper indications, signs,and symbols. This should be solved immediately. Road signs chart should also be installed so that the drivers are constantly reminded that they need to follow these rules.Road signs with names should be maintained well so that people do not get confused.The general public should not wait for the government to do everything and must participate and promoting safe roads.

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