Traffic Light Rules and Regulation in India

Traffic Light Rules and Regulation in India:-

Most of us are in a habit of breaking traffic rules. Despite the road traffic rules signals and signs, we look for opportunities to take shortcuts. However, the outcome isn’t always good. Vehicles jump traffic light which causes accidents and deaths. There are some four-wheeler and two-wheeler driving rules and regulations that we must follow while approaching a traffic light.

Here is a list of such road traffic rules signals and signs that we should follow:

  • If the traffic light is amber(yellow) slow down your vehicle. Speeding the vehicle may not give you enough time to cross the road and you might dash into another vehicle if the light turns red. This is one of the most important traffic rules while driving.
  • There are RTO traffic rules symbols and pictures all over the roads. Keep your eye on them and read these road traffic rules signals and signs. This will help you drive in the right way safely. Don’t avoid the signs to slow down bumper ahead etc. because you may get hurt if you are over-speeding.
  • The four-wheeler/two-wheeler driving rules and regulations are important to follow in traffic lights especially when it comes to stopping in a red light. Never cross the line else there are chances you may be hit by a speeding vehicle that is crossing.
  • If there is a traffic police standing and giving directions then you should consider it as a part of road traffic rules signals and signs and follow the directions he/she is giving.
  • Never stop your vehicle in towards the left at a traffic light and block the way for other vehicles behind you. This will cause an unnecessary traffic jam. Leave enough space for the vehicles to turn left and help to keep the traffic moving peacefully.
  • The RTO traffic rules symbols and pictures can be looked up for on the internet and learned to understand its meaning and the action that you need to take. This will prevent accidents. Some of the important ones are – give way, stop, one way, no entry, left/right turn prohibited, horns prohibited etc. These road traffic rules signals and signs have been established for the safety of the people. They will take effect only when people follow them. Lesser accidents equal to lesser deaths or total impairment.
  • Maintain proper distance between the vehicles in front of you while stopping at a traffic light. Keeping your vehicle too close may be a problem. This is especially when you are standing on a road that has an upslope. While accelerating the two-wheelers and the four-wheelers especially roll back a bit. This could be a big problem if you are in a small vehicle and have kids with you. They could get hurt. Therefore follow the two-wheeler driving rules and regulationsto stay safe.

The roads are full of vehicles and pedestrians. Following these simple RTO traffic rules, symbols and picturesand other rules of the traffic will help everyone out there to be safe from accidents.

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