Traffic Lights-The Things You Must Remember

Traffic Lights-The Things You Must Remember :-

When was the last time you took time to notice the traffic signals? Though people understand that traffic lights are an important device which is needed to signal the passengers and drivers for a safe transport, we seem to undermine its design. This color-coded system is universally the same. Hence the traffic light in India is the same as the traffic light elsewhere.  It has three colors: red, green and yellow. But there are color blind people who can’t differentiate between red and green! This is the reason why it is agreed to have a red color with an orange hue. Green too has a combination that contains blue hue. It is essential to know the traffic light images with names. Traffic light pictures are displayed in every RTO offices.

The above picture indicates traffic light images with names of red, yellow and green. The traffic light photo color meaning is described below.

  1. Red:

Red is the color that is displayed on the top. It is a signal that says the passing vehicle to stop before the signal. It warns not to cross the signal until indicated. It is used to stop crowding the point where the road intersects the signal. One should always be careful when the red signal is indicated to help the vehicles to move along another path with a sign. Traffic light picture must be seen when crossing over the intersecting road, care must be taken so as to keep left and notice the pedestrians and other vehicles that might come from the other direction. Traffic light rhymes in Hindi are framed on the red signal as it is the paramount signal that can prevent accidents.

  1. Yellow:

The first and second row is occupied by red and yellow traffic lights. When the yellow color is indicated on the signal then it warns you to be ready to make a move while the signal changes between red and green. Hence it is the middle point on a signal pole. In other words, the yellow signal doesn’t ask you to make a move but asks you to get ready to make a move while the transition happens. However be careful as the signal might confuse you. If you are stuck unfortunately in the middle of the road while the signal is making a transition, you need to move the vehicle very slowly and it is essential to not panic. Red and yellow traffic lights appear in a sequence one after the other. Traffic light drawing games can be organized to boost awareness about the same.

  1. Green:

Green is a happy signal that all drivers wish to see on the signal board. It allows the vehicle to move freely without any restrictions. However, it is essential to be careful while starting your vehicle. This is because all the vehicles might make a move at a time which might lead to unfavorable circumstances. Hence make your move with care. However, this doesn’t mean that you can take a turn and go to the other intersecting road. In such circumstances, it is essential to read the signal that is displayed on the signal board on that particular road before making a move.

Traffic light in India is paid a little focus by the drivers. But however, it is paramount to ensure sufficient knowledge of the same. Kids might frame few traffic light rhymes in Hindi to create awareness in the family. They can also participate in traffic light drawing games. Hope the above traffic light photo colors meaning was informative.

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