Traffic Rules and Regulations in Hindi

Traffic Rules and Regulations in Hindi :-

If you want to be safe while driving then it is compulsory that you follow the traffic rules and regulations in India. Besides the general rules such as wearing a helmet, wearing a seatbelt, carrying a valid driving license and RC book, pollution certificate etc. there are some rules of the road. The traffic rules and regulations in English and Hindi can be found on the internet which everyone should go through.

Here are some important traffic rules and regulations in India:

  • The registration number of your vehicle should be written down clearly. It shouldn’t be obstructed with any special lights or art which most youth do.
  • The traffic rules and regulations of India permit you to use horn only when it is necessary. Use horns that come pre-fitted from the manufacturer of your vehicle. Shrill. Multi-toned and harsh horns should not be fitted in your vehicle.
  • People driving goods vehicles or tractors should not exceed the number of people in the vehicle. They are also not permitted to carry passengers for money.
  • Traffic rules and regulations in India have become quite strict currently. The rules also don’t permit you to drive in a zig-zag pattern. The motorcycles these days have the high accelerating power they should not be driven in a rash way. Overtaking other vehicles at a high speed is something very dangerous. Even the slightest hit can be dangerous.
  • Keep your eye on the road while driving. Always look out for heavy and large vehicles such as trucks or trailers especially when they are turning. You shouldn’t try to overtake such vehicles especially in a bend or turn else your vehicle can come between them. Study the traffic rules and regulations in Englishor Hindi or the language that you are comfortable in reading to learn the traffic rules so you can drive safely.
  • The traffic rules and regulations in India strictly prohibit you from driving fast in the night. Although the number of vehicles on the road isless in number the chances of accidents are not less. There are bicycles, animals etc. which are not visible easily. Bumping into them with a speed vehicle can cause accidents.
  • Never drive using high beam in the night. If you are behind a vehicle don’t use high beam it is troublesome for the front vehicle to drive as the light reflects on the mirror. The traffic rules and regulations in India also advise the car drivers to abstain from using high beam when there is fog. Those are dazzled with high beams should slow down their car and pull towards the left side of the road.
  • Don’t try to overtake a vehicle which has stopped on the pedestrian crossing. You may be unable to see a pedestrian crossing the road which the other vehicle is waiting for.
  • The traffic rules and regulations in India also teach us to be patient and wait for the pedestrians to cross the road especially the children and the elderly.

Always drive at nominal speed follow the traffic rules and regulation in India because they have been made for your own safety.

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