Violation of Traffic Rules and Fine

Violation of Traffic Rules and Fine :-

Road safety should be followed by everyone. There are about 400 deaths that take place in India everyday because of a road accident, the number of injured is more than this count. People failing to follow the list of traffic rules made by the administrationare the ones who suffer a tragic fate.

Although there are traffic rules set we fail to abide by them. The list of traffic rules, signs and symbols are displayed clearly on the roads. When we ignore these signs and break the rules it is then that we are endangering our lives and the lives of others who are driving on the road. This is the reason why the government of India has become stern and charge fines for breaking the traffic rules. Here are some fines that you could face if you violate the traffic rules:

  • Driving Without a Valid Licence – A fine of Rs.5, 000/- and or imprisonment upto 3 months
  • Driving Without a Seat Belt – A fine of Rs.1, 000/-
  • Drunk and Driving – A fine of Rs.10, 000/-
  • Driving Without a Helmet – A fine of Rs.1, 000/- and the license is canceled for 3 months
  • Car Owners Who Permit Juvenile’s to Drive – A fine of Rs.25, 000/- and or imprisonment upto 3 years
  • Vehicles that Have No Registration Certificate – A fine of Rs.2, 000/-
  • Over Speeding – A fine of Rs.1, 000/- for LMV and Rs.2, 000/- for MMV
  • Vehicle Without Insurance – A fine of Rs.2, 000/- for both cars and two-wheelers
  • Breaking the Traffic Light – A fine of Rs.1, 000/- and the license is canceled for 3 months
  • Overloading Two-wheelers – A fine of Rs.2, 000/- and the license is canceled for 3 months
  • Dangerous Driving – A fine of Rs.10, 000/-

Two-wheeler Driving Rules and Regulations

The two-wheelers driving on the road should abide by some list of traffic rules else they will be penalized according to the fines mentioned above. Look up for a speech on traffic rules on the internet to understand its implications:

Always Wear a Helmet – Even if you have to go to a shop in the next road which is just five minutes’ drive from your home you should wear a helmet. It will not only save you from paying a fine but it protects you from a head injury in case you meet with an accident. Helmets have saved many lives you should also make it a habit of wearing it each time to go out with your two-wheeler.

Don’t Drive With More than One Person at the back – The speech of traffic rules also say that one two-wheeler shouldn’t have more than two people. The youth especially are quite fond of carrying more than one people with them on their vehicles. This is not just because it is one of the two-wheeler driving rules and regulations but because it is dangerous. You are risking the lives of your passengers and you.

Follow the List of Traffic Rules, Signals,and Signs, and Speech of traffic rules– Always look out for the signals and signs on the road so you don’t take wrong turn or bends. If you have your eyes on the road you will always be safe.

Drive Slow – Speeding is one of the topmost causes of accidents in India. Life is precious and by driving rash or speeding you are putting yourself in danger.

Follow the traffic rules and regulations and drive safely!

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